Unorganised workers are not getting benefits, the Supreme Court directs the Central Government & State Government to take action

We as citizens of this country have witnessed how unorganised workers are affected due to Covid pandemic. It’s obvious that every one suffered, either mentally, emotionally or physically. Some lost their family members, while some are still struggling to get Medical facilities and some fortunate ones are safe at home.

But the unorganised workers are not even left with necessary commodities like food, water and shelter.


Re : Problems & Miseries, LL 2021 SC 259


Re: Problems & Miseries is a suo moto case, consisting of Justice Ashok Bhushan & Justice M R Shah. This case aimed at providing facilities to unorganised workers including unemployed workers, rickshaw pullers, migrant workers, construction workers and those workers who need two meals a day but are affected by lockdown & Covid pandemic.


Direction by the Supreme Court


The court directed the Central Government and the State Government to complete the registration process of unorganised workers so that they can get the benefits as soon as possible.

The authorities need to monitor and supervise that benefits are reaching each person in need and fulfilling the purpose of the scheme.

Court also directed the State Government and Union Territories to provide dry rations, community kitchens to needy, unemployed, migrant workers and to those who need two meals a day without ration cards.


Atma nirbhar scheme


Under Atma Nirbhar Scheme, migrant workers & unorganised workers will get rations without the need of ration cards. But in most of the states, disbursement of ration has not yet started.

Apart from this, unorganised workers are also given cash transfer benefits. But these facilities are not provided to them. However, in some states construction workers were given cash transfer benefits but other workers haven’t availed the facilities.




The court observed that no state has complete registration of unorganised workers. It means without registration they can’t avail the benefits. The delay in benefits will cause misery and problems for them. Court directed states to provide facilities like dry ration, cash transfer benefits, etc. But the ground reality is the worst. The people with malice intentions are selling rations at a higher rate.

The Ministry of Labour and Employment proposed to maintain a common national database for providing benefits to unorganised workers at large. The worst part is unorganised workers are not yet registered then how will they get the benefits?

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