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Things you can learn from the book Story of my life by Helen Keller (Chapter 9)

In Chapter 9 of the book ‘The story of my life’ by Helen Keller, She talks about one of the important events in her life, that is her visit to Boston in May, 1888. Earlier when she visited that place, she was very anxious, restless and requiring others’ attention.


When you accept yourself then you remain peaceful


Helen said that her journey was one of amazing events. She said that this time wasn’t restless nor required the attention of everybody on the train to keep her amused. She sat quietly and with eager interest she was listening to Miss Sullivan.

Here, we can learn that peace is within you. We can act differently in the same situation when we are at peace with ourselves.


Your surrounding matters a lot


When Helen was surrounded by her new friends , she said that she was so happy and content that she lost all sense of pain in pleasure of their companionship.

Here, we can understand that our surroundings matter a lot and our mood depends upon the same up to some extent.




Helen Keller said that the kindness of her friends was the seed from which many pleasant memories have since grown.

Here, we need to understand that we should be kind towards people because our simple act of kindness can add value in others’ lives. Our kindness can change the way people perceive life. So, we should be kind towards each other because we don’t know how much a person would be suffering within.


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