You don’t need to be afraid for being kind

Many times we think that being kind isn’t good. You should not trust everyone and it’s true. But we need to understand that being kind and trusting everyone are two different things. When you offer food to someone in need, show your kind nature but giving money to him and believing that he will buy food is trust or your expectations.


You should show your benevolent nature to everyone around you. For instance – you should treat people with love and care and no need to be fearful regarding anything.


You may often think that your kindness can be misinterpreted. For instance – when a girl treats a boy with kindness then it doesn’t mean she likes him. And here a person may misinterpret it but the girl needs to be afraid.

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This is just one instance, there are many instances where people are afraid of being kind. They see someone in need of help but due to some past incidents, they don’t help or treat people the way they should be treated. Here, two people suffer a lot. The one who wants to treat someone kindly but is unable to do due to things that happened in the past and the other who is in need.


So, is it good to not help someone or show kindness? Obviously not. So, here we can act benevolently towards other and also take precautions so that you won’t be cheated.

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