Why should you not take your health for granted?

The one thing which one should never take for granted is your health. You won’t be able to work. You want things to happen but won’t be able to do it. Isn’t it blood-curdling to imagine yourself doing nothing but you are struggling to move?

We take care of our financial stability, we focus on things which matter the most, but focus on our career and how we can do the best. But how many of us really work on our bodies? The body given by God is a blessing. This body needs to be nurtured and taken care of. But how many of us really take care of this body?

I know it is difficult to manage a healthy eating habit, you need determination but it is difficult to manage in the beginning and soon you will develop a habit.

Because it is not good to consume pizza, pasta, cold coffee and various other things instead you should eat raw foods like fruit, or fresh cooked food at home.

Your mind becomes what you eat. So, one should be careful before they eat anything.

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