Why should you embrace your local language?

There are many people who feel ashamed of their culture, language, dress and some are even ashamed of their parents. Isn’t it shameful?

You grow with your parents, the one who sacrificed everything for you and now, when you need to be there for them then you are feeling ashamed. The same applies to our languages and everything else.

Language is not just a way to communicate but rather it is an emotion.

Local language helps us build a local lasting feeling within us. Just imagine when you see some pictures of your childhood, or meet your old friends. Doesn’t that give you pleasure? Then how are you unable to recognise the feeling when you convey things in the local language?




Local language helps you remain connected with your roots. When you were a child you used to speak in the local language or whenever you go to your hometown you speak in your language. So, you don’t need to feel ashamed of your language.

We need to give all languages equal importance because no one is superior or inferior. But now, we feel pride when we speak in English and many feel ashamed to speak in the local language.

We should learn from countries like Japan and France.




When you speak in the local language and feel the connection then there is a probability that you will feel brotherhood. When people have something in common then they can love each other even more. You need to be connected with your roots because they were the one contributing the most to whomever you are right now.


Gratitude & Happiness


When you speak in your local language with the people who know it then you show gratitude. You are not ashamed of your local language rather you are speaking which means you are proud. It does not make you feel inferior or superior. You will treat everyone equally and feel happier.

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