Why is freedom of the Media necessary?

Media is considered the fourth pillar of democracy. But why are they considered the fourth pillar of democracy? Let’s think about how we get information about places far – flung?

How we get to know about NTPC Scam ir Thanjavur Girl’s suicide?

There are many cases which were highlighted by the media as a result of which victims get justice. Nirbhaya Gang Rape case(2012) was one of best example. However, Media also misuse its power for TRP and other reasons. But this doesn’t mean to curtail their freedom.

Recently, On 17th January, 2022, Kashmir Press Club was shut down which was criticised by the Editors Guild of India. Editors Guild of India protects press freedom and they work for raising standards of magazines and editorial of Newspapers. But why are we discussing these things? Do we know the power of Media?

If Yes then why freedom of Media is necessary? Unlike China, the Media has freedom subject to reasonable restrictions.

In this article, we will get to know why freedom of Media is necessary –


Political Matters


We people aren’t always able to analyse the work of our leaders. But through the media we are able to know about the failure and success of our leaders.


People’s voice


Media often ask questions raised by common man who won’t be able to get a chance to get the answer of their questions but the media provide them an opportunity to do so.




Individuals can also participate in debates and ask anything or can get a chance to tell people or to clarify their points.




Program like Daily News Analysis helps people to know the ground reality and there are many other media houses that spread awareness among people.

Many times, people try to disturb the balance in the nation, but the media shows the true reality and acts as a mirror.


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