Why is financial independence important for mental health?

Money has become a basic necessity for survival. You won’t have any say in our family or society if you aren’t financially independent or unable to meet your basic necessities. But do you think financial independence is needed for your mental health? If the answer to the aforementioned question is affirmative then why do monks live happily? They aren’t financially independent?

It is because they don’t often deal with things we deal with. Most people have to look after their parents, children and they need to maintain their status in society for this you need money.

Now, these are the reasons why you should try to empower yourself and become financially independent –


Money brings a sense of security


It is the nature of the human mind that it remains calm when it feels secured. That is the reason why many people use security cameras. It’s obvious that many times miscreants know how to escape from the camera. But still, we feel secure due to the same. In the same way, money brings a sense of security due to which we remain happy.

However, we all know happiness is within us but you can’t deny that money can help you in that process.


Focus on better things


When you are not chasing money instead you are working on yourself, learning new skills to excel in our profession. Then ultimately money will chase you and when you are financially independent, you can focus on better things in our life such as solitude, etc which is good for your mental health.


Minimise anxiety


Just think you need to pay EMI and you don’t have money. Would you be able to stay calm in that situation? There is a 99% probability that you’ll panic due to the outcome of paying the EMIs. So, financial independence is very important to mental health as it brings a sense of security, you can focus on better things, you can remain calm and focus as well as minimise anxiety.

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