Why does someone betray you?

Trust is not just a word but we are surviving because of the same. For instance – if you doubt everyone around you then soon you are either going to make others’ lives miserable or your own life miserable.

You need to trust people around you but you can be betrayed when you trust. So, here one needs to understand when to trust someone and when to doubt and use your mind. Now, we will read when someone betrays you.




It is a matter of common sense that someone will betray you when you trust them. The one you don’t trust can’t betray you. So, think twice before you trust someone. If you are betrayed by your own loved ones then it is going to affect you may be in a negative or positive manner.


Lack of common sense


Sometimes things are so simple that a prudent person can even see it but we aren’t able to observe such things because of our own abilities or because we stop thinking. When you lack common sense then there is a probability that you are going to ignore hints which you need to recognise.




Innocent means a person is unaware of the tricks of the world and he thinks that everyone around them are innocent and they won’t do any harm to them. For sure you will enjoy the company of innocent people because they will make you feel the true nature of a human. But such nature is harmful for them. They easily trust people without questioning them. Most of them are non judgemental.


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