Why do you start taking things for granted?

Life is beautiful and amazing in its own way because of our own thinking pattern, act and obviously the people around us. No one can live a happy life if they aren’t having people with a positive bent of mind. Humans are social animals so we too need connection. You can’t just be cheerful and alone every time.

Let’s do one thing, just think how many people make you smile and laugh?

How many people stood with you when you were in trouble?

How many people really care about you?

How many people want the best for you?

How many people contributed to the person you are right now?

There are many people who add value in our life but we take them for granted and when we lose them then we realise their value. But you don’t need to regret it if you can be grateful. Everyone of us is temporary and not meant to be alive for a thousand years. All we can do is enjoy our life to the fullest till we are alive.

But what would be the reason behind taking anyone for granted?


They love without expectations


There are some people who love us without any expectations, like our parents. Generally they don’t expect anything from us, all they want is happiness. However, they may do something which may stop our growth but their intentions are not mala fide. Sometimes, all you need to care about is the intention of people because we all make mistakes.


It cost you nothing


When you are not giving anything in return then you start taking people or think for granted. For instance if you get something without paying anything then you don’t value it. However when you pay for something, you show respect to the thing. So, you need to understand and value those who love you without costing you anything.


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