Why do you need to be mentally strong to move on?

You don’t know when you are going to live the last day on earth or your loved ones. It is painful to leave everything behind but you don’t have any options either. This is all about the act of God. Sometimes, we decide to separate. Yes, it’s called ‘break up’. Breakups aren’t only between girlfriends and boyfriends. It can be between parents and their child or husband and wife. We just use different words to explain it. But there remains a breakup between two people. You invested your time and energy in someone but after some time, you have to change the path, your dreams are scattered, you feel heart broken.


This feeling is very obvious and you need not to escape from ur. That is not going to change anything in your life. For sure, both have contributed a lot in each other’s life but it doesn’t mean the person will stay and many times you want to come out of a relationship due to some reasons. But er can’t because of the pain of separation. When you aren’t able to make a decision due to the pain but you know that your life will be better. It is just temporary pain but I am still unable to make a decision. So, in such cases you need to understand that there is a need to be mentally strong.


If you’re emotionally stable and mentally strong, then you can achieve anything in your life without being distracted. Obviously, you will feel the pain at that point of time but you won’t emotionally struggle much in life.

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