Why do you feel sad after you get up?

The words lonely, anxiety, depression, and stress are considered as negative traits because one feels such things when he or she isn’t happy. Have you ever experienced being happy and then you go to sleep? Upon waking up, you feel sad or depressed. For no reason you remain silent and feel lonely as if there’s no one with you and so on.

This feeling is very strange because just a sleep changed your mood and feelings. People often sleep to feel better. But a very strange thing happened to you. So, you should not sleep? Or what is the reason?

What do you need to do? Because not sleeping isn’t a solution. So, here we will get to know the reason behind such feelings and how we can overcome –


Avoiding uncomfortable situation

There are many situations when we try to avoid uncomfortable situations, though it may be possible that the situation will bring more opportunities and growth in life. But human beings have the habit of staying in their comfort zone. Comfort zone is the most dangerous thing because you don’t grow without even recognizing it.


Social anxiety


Social anxiety is a disorder which is caused due to various reasons. Sometimes, it needs to be treated by the doctor and sometimes, people can take initiative on their own.

People can talk to one another and try to practice meditation. Meditation keeps the mind calm which helps in reducing social anxiety.


Lack of clarity


Lack of clarity means the person is unable to understand what he needs to do or not. He is clueless which can cause suffering. Mentally the person starts getting tired but when you are clear about what you have to achieve and so on then you get clarity.

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