Why do most students pursue medical courses from abroad?

Who doesn’t love their hometown? It’s difficult for us to go to another city or state and accept the surroundings then imagine the situation of people who move to different countries due to lack of job opportunities, education facilities, etc. Most medical students choose studying abroad when they don’t get a government institution because any government private institution cab costs them close to ₹1.25 crore. But in foreign countries, the cost is less and also far less competitive.

As per the submitted data by health minister in 2021, no. of MBBS seats were 88,120 and Bachelors of Dental Surgery seats were 27, 498. However, 15-16 lakh students registered themselves for NEET.

Things dont stop here, just imagine the situation when students were forced to come back from Wuhan due to Covid 19 outbreak.

As per the last year data, 23,000 Indian Students are studying in China. Recently, we all have witnessed the situation of students in Ukraine. 18,000 Indian Students are studying in Ukraine. India lost a child due to the Ukraine war.

A student goes abroad to study where everything is aliens. From food to language, everything is different. But they have to live with it just because the decree is more affordable and less competitive, especially the Medical degree. Students and parents see dreams and they aren’t able to fulfill them in India. Due to which many colleges in other nations are offering degrees at a much lower cost.

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