Why aren’t you able to stay alone?

Generally we are not having a good relationship with ourselves, that is the reason why we don’t like being alone. We just want to spend time anywhere except with ourselves but you know you learn a lot when you stay alone and you are least productive when you are with others. 

Even though we know the fact, why don’t we spend time alone? And what can we do to enjoy our company?


Switch off technology 


Technology has its own benefits as well as demerits. If you know how to take advantage of it then you can be at the top and vice versa. So, when you aren’t able to spend time alone. Try temporary way to get permanent results. Simply switch off all technologies which is disturbing you and spend time alone


Enjoy being uncomfortable


Spending time alone or going to a place alone can make you uncomfortable. So, simply you can tell yourself that it is okay to be uncomfortable for a short period of time to be comfortable with yourself. Every great thing needs you to put in effort. Efforts to get it and after you put efforts, soon you will realise that you enjoy doing it. 


Take yourself to the place you love


Many times, we want to visit some places or eat something but find ourselves alone. So, at that time we don’t go to such places but here you need to understand that you don’t need others to complete you. You can visit anyplace by yourself. You don’t need people for validation or need them to tell you what to do and what to avoid. 

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