Why are juveniles indulged in crime?

You were playing and someone got injured due to your act. Then are you going to be published under law? Obviously not. A person shall be punished for an act punishable by law as it is considered as an offence. It has been observed that many juveniles are indulged in crime which no one has witnessed in the past. For instance – In Mukesh & ors v. NCT of Delhi also known as Nirbhaya Gang rape case (2013) which was blood-curdling that who miscreants raped a girl and one of the miscreants was juvenile but his act wasn’t innocent.

Juveniles are considered to be innocent but their acts are depicting something else.




Everything has its own positive and negative aspects. It’s up to us to analyse how we are going to utilise things. In the same way, we can use the internet to learn & explore new things and it can also have a negative impact on our mind. So, Children can easily explore anything on the internet which matures them before attaining age of maturity.


Lack of parental control


There was a time when most of the women used to choose to stay at home and take care of their home including their children. But now, most of us choose to work and remain independent. This is an amazing trend to empower women but it is creating a mess. Here both the parents need to share responsibilities and have an eye over their children.

They need to teach them the difference between good and bad. Never let them feel alone and love them and express the same, so that they can understand the meaning of love.




Surrounding matters a lot in the overall development of children. When you see peace, love, harmony around you then there is a probability that you will follow the same things. That is the reason why most people question your upbringing.

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