Who is affected the most due to marital conflicts?

Marriage is a sacrament or contract which inculcates relationships among two people and their family. It is very common that they may have conflicts among each other. We all have some conflict or differences because we are different from each other and have different points of view.


When twins don’t have a similar view though they look similar then how two people with different backgrounds can agree on one point. It’s okay to have conflict but it is not okay when your wedlock becomes deadlock. One needs to understand when they need to compromise.


If a party doesn’t want to get a divorce they can do judicial separation or live in two different places and visit each other on a regular interval or open up to an expert or have conversation with each other and many more options are available with them.

They need to decide wisely because it ultimately affects their child, family and they themselves suffer. They are mature to handle the situation. But the children aren’t.


He has the right to the affection of both parents. Keeping him deprived of love can create a long lasting effect on him.

Children grasp everything very quickly without giving a thought. That’s why we take care of their surroundings. But if he sees arguments, violence, and other negative feelings then what do you expect from him?

Justice T. Amarnath Goud opined “A parent cannot be a guest in the life of their child.

In the case – Savitha Seetharam v. Rajiv Vijayasarathy Rathnam(M.F.A. No.1536 OF 2015)(11.09.20), made an observation,

“It is necessary to remind ourselves that a child requires both, the mother and the father in jointly bringing up the child which would have a holistic impact on the overall growth of the child.”

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