Who are Rohingya?

Rohingya is an ethical group hailing from the Rakhine Province of west Myanmar. They are mostly Muslim and speak Bengali dialect. They fled to Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and few more countries including India to protect themselves from attacks in Myanmar

Apart from this, they are human and are forced to live their lives equivalent to animals. They aren’t getting equal opportunities because Myanmar classified them as ‘resident foreigners’ or ‘associated citizens’.


Rohingyas were forced to leave Myanmar in 2012, following 2017. They were forced to take shelter in Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, India. We are already trying to uplift weaker sections of society due to which we aren’t able to provide them with all facilities.

However, the Delhi Government pitched tents and provided toilets. Due to which the Delhi Government was incurring an expenditure of Rs7 lakh per month.

Rohingya are often apprehended by Border Security Force and pushed back to Bangladesh.

As in 2017, around 87 Rohingya were apprehended and 76 were pushed back to Bangladesh by Boarder Security Force.


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