What to do when you miss someone?

There are many situations in our life when we are separated from our loved ones due to our professional growth, personal reasons, acts of god and many other reasons. We are all mortal. So, does our relationship but what hurts the most is separation and memories which reminds us that the person is no more with us.

The memories bring back memories and then you feel helpless because you can’t go back to that place. When you are lucky enough, you can talk to them but many aren’t lucky to even talk to them. At that time what one can do?

Telling someone that things will be alright and have patience is very common and we know that time heals everything but what to do when you aren’t able to have patience. The pain is not letting you go peacefully. What to do at that time?


Let yourself cry


People often say please don’t cry, everything will be alright soon. But no, you should cry and do whatever you want to do because you don’t need to let yourself feel weak by ignoring your emotions. After you cry, you won’t feel frustrated and feel more relaxed. So, let yourself cry if you want to.


Find a purpose


When you have a bigger purpose in your life then you won’t think about something else in our life. Obviously no one can fill the void within you. You may feel the pain of separation. But it will never become a hurdle in your life.


Sit silently


Whenever we feel any pain or emotions, we don’t like sitting alone. We try to find people outside to make us feel happy, to make us feel relaxed. Obviously spending time with loved ones help you to heal but you need to spend time with yourself to have a better perspective of life.


Don’t run away from your emotions


When we face problems in our life or painful situations then we try to escape it or ignore it which later makes us feel depressed, frustrated, anxious, stressed. So, simply you need to face your emotions and understand that it is not going to last longer.

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