What should one do in their four different phases of life?

Human beings are the beautiful creature of God because we can think, visualise, create and consciously make decisions and can also have self realisation. Humans have the most developed kind and most of the time, they suffer due to their mind. Things which were meant to add value in life are making you depressed. Isn’t it awful?

The main reason is we aren’t aware of our own functioning. It doesn’t matter how good the machine is, if you don’t know how to use it then it is of no use.

The same is happening with most of us, but Chanakya suggested that one should do in their life and dividend the life into four phases –


Student Life


Student life is the most crucial life where one needs to focus the most on their growth and development. This phase of a person often decides his life and struggle he is going to face. So, the student should give their best and Excel in their field.

Chanakya calls this phase as “Brahmacharya Ashram”. He emphasized on education and believed that a good teacher can play a vital role in this phase.


Householder’s Life


According to Chanakya, the second phase of Life is Household’s Life or Grihastha Ashram. In this person, one starts earning and his responsibility gets doubled because he needs to take care of his children, spouse, elders as well as manage his finances. He needs more energy and utilizes time wisely because he’ll do job as well as spend time with family. He too has some responsibilities towards society.


Retired Life


Retired or Vanaprastha ashram is the stage of life when he is free from all obligations towards children. Their children are married and they are responsible for their well -being. In other words, their children are in Grihastha Ashram. Most probably, the person is having grandchildren. Chanakya suggests that one should not give advice without asking for it and by not interfering in others’ lives.


Monk Life


Sannyas Ashram or Monk Life is considered the last stage as in this stage the person should get detached and try to connect with the super soul or inner soul or God.

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