What makes a student topper or loser?

There are some traits which often make a student topper while the other remains mediocre. Saying someone is a loser is actually not a good term because we even learn from our failure but the thing is one needs to learn from it. Everyone faces success and failure in their life. But there are some qualities which can be inculcated by anyone and such qualities take us to the highest position in our life and helps us in standing straight during ups and downs.

But what is the definition of a topper? Does topper means a person who ranks first in exams? Or the one who excels in life as well as academics. The marks of a student doesn’t make him topper but his understanding of the subject makes him topper.

These qualities are –



Consistency means to stick to the habit which is beneficial for the person. We all know what we should do for a successful life but due to inconsistency, we aren’t able to follow the routine in life.

For instance – A student gets up early on a daily basis and makes a habit while another student isn’t consistent in anything, some day he gets up at 4 & on another 11am.

This is just one instance, but it shows that consistency in life is very important for everyone including students.


Hard Work & Smart Work


It doesn’t matter how much you are giving your effort if it is going in the wrong direction. For instance – if a person is trying to move a rock which is difficult, he can move it after putting in hard work but if a person is putting efforts in something which is not in the right direction then is it going to make him successful?




Patience is the key to success, patience doesn’t only help in excelling in student life but it always helps in managing relationships and acts as a cherry on the top who inculcated this quality in his life.


Peace of Mind & Focus


Peace of mind helps a person to stay calm during the time of stress because everyone has ups and downs in life and at that time, one could not manage to focus because of stress, anxiety, depression.

But focus is important for understanding the matter. So, here peace of mind plays the game.

Peace of mind can be attained by doing meditation, yoga or by simply being present in the situation.




Revision is a very important part of student life. We need to read everything which we have read because the human mind is very powerful but we need to revise things so that we can remember it for longer.

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