What is your relationship with yourself?

We often manage our relationship with everyone else around us. We surprise our loved ones with gifts and provide them amazing gifts as per their likes and dislikes but how many times do we manage our relationship with ourselves?

Do you provide gifts to yourself? Or take yourself to a restaurant by yourself with the same joy and love?

Genuinely answer me how many of you thought to take yourself out to dinner or buy roses for yourself?

Generally the answer would be in the negative.

So, what next are we required to do?


Analyse your relationship with yourself


Before you act you need to understand your relationship with yourself. You need to analyse how you act when you are alone. Are you taking care of yourself? We need to understand that if you are healthy and peaceful then only your relationship with others will be beautiful. So, you should prioritise yourself rather than prioritising others.


Self love


Now that you have analysed your relationship with yourself, the next step is to love yourself, to take care of yourself without being uncomfortable. Many times we don’t like spending time with ourselves or love ourselves. But you need to love yourself before you can love anyone else.


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