What is the most common accident?

Life is mortal, we aren’t aware about what could happen in a minute. There are many instances where people happily plan to spend some family time but they lose their life. They lost everything without any reason or maybe because someone was negligent or anyone behind their back was in a bad mood. Someone slammed from the back and they lost their life.

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Do you know the most common incident is rear-ending? Rear-ending is one of the rude street mishaps when some vehicle slams from the back which is also known as a car bumper.


The person sitting in the car is liable but still they are punished. Imagine you are sitting in a car and reading the article and suddenly you will feel the hit and everything is over. Can you imagine the situation of a family who lost loved ones because of negligence or rash driving. The one who lost his life isn’t even aware of it.T his is the reality of life which one can’t deny.

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