What is stopping India from reaching its highest potential?

India is a country with human and natural resources which can play a very vital role in the development of the country. It is actually playing a vital role that is the reason why India is becoming stronger by each passing day. But it can become even more, there are few things that are becoming hurdles and we as a citizen of this country need to recognise and work on it. We need to understand that it is not okay to blame a government. We should also come forward and being a citizen of India we should understand our responsibility and duty.




When a country is united and the people know that no one else can help them except their own country then they will focus on building their own relationship rather than on any trivial or petty matters.

We can see the example of many countries. For instance – Britishers or any invaders were able to exploit Indians because they were fighting among each other. If they were united then no one would be able to exploit them for a day.

We don’t observe things around us, else we would be able to understand the situation. We can witness more nuclear families than joint families. However, there was a time when nuclear families were rare in India.

This shows the feeling of people and their bend towards western culture. This can cause harm to the nation at large.


Understand your responsibility


We always talk about our rights and how we can gain things from others but how many of us talk about our responsibilities and duties? When you only talk about things which are in your benefit then soon you will observe yourself to be a different person. A person you won’t like because you won’t be able to love a self centred person. So, live a life where you can give more rather than taking more.


Insider threat


There is a Hindi proverb that says “ghar ka bhedi lanka dhaye” which means that even the strongest person can be destroyed if his own loved ones betray him.

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