What is life all about?

When you sit alone and imagine how you were as a child, when you see your loved ones around you, you can witness change. Change is your physical and emotional well-being, changes in others. Many aren’t even alive. Many changes are hard to accept. It doesn’t matter whether we accept things or not, life goes on and everything keeps on changing. Many times, we aren’t ready to change but the resistance doesn’t make any difference in the lives of others. It just disturbs us and the more we resist, the more we feel anxious and depressed.

So, does it mean suffering is due to resistment? Is it really because we are not ready to change?

Change is just one aspect. If we want to know the root cause, we need to understand life, our own mind and everything related to life. What is life?


Life is a beautiful gift of God but we are taking it for granted. We don’t live to the fullest. God gave life to animals, birds and other creatures. But how many try to end their life? Even a tiny creature like anyone tries to save their life and do whatever is expected of them.

But we don’t even see our life as blessings. Now, forgive yourself and others for their mistakes and work on making life beautiful because life is all about giving your best in the present.


No matter how grave your mistake was. It’s never too late to start again. We forget that we are temporary on this earth. The very nature of our life is that it is temporary. So, suffering doesn’t make any sense in Life. Just imagine, if you get to know when you’ll die and each passing day is taking you close to your death. Then are you going to waste a minute?

No, right? So, this is life all about living in the present and enjoying each moment as if it is the last one.

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