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What can you learn from the unexpected demise of Siddharth Shukla?

The Big Boss 13 winner Supra was just 14 years old and he left everything behind with his smile on the 2nd September, 2021 his demise left everyone broken especially to the one who knows him. The news spread all over the internet and we all are well versed about what happened.

No one is able to accept the truth till date because he was just 40 years old and living a healthy and happy life, till his many dreams remain unfulfilled.

The news broke everyone’s heart but still there are few things which we can learn from the demise of Siddharth Shukla.


Life is too short


Late actor Siddharth Shukla was just like everyone else who planned his life in a certain way. He was not even aware that he would sleep forever. Will sleep at night with the hope of better tomorrow but sometimes life is so short that no one knows when it is his or her last day.


Never take anything for granted.


Sometimes we are so Indus in our life that we take many things and people for granted and behave as if we have a thousand years left but in reality we can leave the world anytime. So, one must value everything in life so that we won’t have any regrets left.


Don’t keep grudges for anyone


As we have seen how happily late actor Siddharth Shukla left the world, he was having some fights, fun moments with many but now everyone is loving him for who he was. But Why not love each other when the person is alive?

Is life permanent to hold grudges?


Health is wealth


Our generation values money but the most important wealth is ignored by everyone. Most of the time, we consume or prefer to eat fast food which is the cause of various diseases and gives nothing but short-term pleasure but still we are so imprisoned by the taste that we forget what is good and what is harmful for our body.


Forgive before you sleep


We must forgive and resolve all issues with each other before we sleep, it means one must not take these things seriously because we are fortunate enough to see ourselves alive along with our loved ones but not everyone is fortunate enough and on the other hand we don’t know when it is someone’s last day on earth.


All you have is today


One must be grateful if he or she is alive and utilises each and every moment. We must take a step closer towards our goal so that you can leave the world without any regrets on your deathbed.

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