What can you learn from the statement of Actor Pankaj Tripathi regarding language and acting.

Recently, an Actor Pankaj Tripathi said that he doesn’t like the idea of speaking in a language he is not comfortable with in any film or web series.

So, what one can learn from this?

You can understand the mindset and the love of the actor towards his language.

There are many people who are ashamed of their language. They fake accents, they try to speak in the language which isn’t comfortable but they speak for validation.

One should learn a different language and it helps to enhance your mental ability. But you don’t need to learn a language because of validation.

One need not to be rigid. No, I don’t want to learn new things including languages or do whatever I want to.

Here the actor is giving a statement about what he would do. Here we can also learn from him that one should be the way they are and accept them. No need to feel ashamed of who you are. However, keep working hard to improve yourself with each passing day.

He also stated that he is not in favour of his dialogues being dubbed by someone else.

Here, we can understand that he believes in originality and likes to do things as they are.

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