What are two options you get when calamities happen?

Everything happens due to some reason. Mainly for our benefit but what would be the good reason behind the accident due to which a child lost his family? Now, who is going to love him like his parents? Obviously, no one because no one can love you more than your parents.


So, what is the reason behind such an act? Obviously, whatever happened isn’t good for that child but still he has two options- Move on, accept the reality as it is, work on goals and another option is blame god and never move on.


The situation is hard to accept but when he’ll try to move on at least he is taking steps which will help him to become strong but when he keeps blaming god for things happening with him then he is making himself weak. Life isn’t favourable to anyone. It throws hurdles to make us strong and motivate us to find our own gift. Everyone gets two options when calamities happen with them and the decision helps us in building the person who we want to become.


It gives you a different perspective in your life which will help you in understanding the person you will become or to understand the situation.

So, God knows everything and gives us options. If we choose the right option then life can become beautiful. The wrong decision can make your life miserable.

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