We don’t value when we get something without any efforts

Do you know when you take things for granted? We don’t even recognise when we start taking things for granted. It’s because we haven’t paid anything for it or we are getting it in abundance. It is applicable on everything whether person, or anything. The worst part is when you take someone for granted then you see all the bad or negative qualities in them and ignore the things they are doing for you. When they aren’t with you due to any reason then the regret doesn’t let you live with peace.

It is human nature but what can we do? If someone remains available around you then you can’t say to stay away so that you won’t take them for granted. That is not practically possible. But you can make changes at your own level.


Count your blessings


You can simply count your blessings and thank God for giving you this life and people around you. In this way you aren’t going to take anyone for granted because when you count your blessings then you know the value of people and things in your life.

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