Things you can’t learn in a business school

Business School can teach you how to manage a business, how you can run a business and many more things you can learn from business school. But there are few things which you can’t learn from business school. However you need such things to get success in life. Because there are many people who get the highest marks but are unable to get success in the business in comparison to those who have never visited any business school.




You can’t buy determination nor anyone can teach you in business school or in any school or college. These are the skills that are either inbuilt or you inculcate in yourself with the passage of time.




There are many graduates or people who can run a business but due to their lack of courage they aren’t able to start their own business or even initiate any startup. However, many who are able to take risks are now running a business with profits because we all know higher the risk, more the profit and vice versa.


Out of the box thinking


A creative person can think out of the box and business school has to do nothing with it. Business school can help you to gain knowledge and even teach you to use it upto some extent but it can’t help you to think out of the box or help you to bring innovative ideas.


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