Things you can learn from the book ‘The story of my life’ by Helen Keller (Chapter 8)

The book ‘The story of my life’ by Helen Keller can teach you the lesson of life. Each chapter tells you the nature of life and humans. How you can remain happy with little things in life. How a person can conquer anything in life.

We will learn a few things from chapter 8 of the abovementioned novel and we will also understand the thinking pattern of Helen Keller.


Giving others make you more happy


Helen Keller said that her first Christmas in Tuscumbia with Miss Sullivan was one of the amazing events. She said that everyone was preparing a surprise for her but she was pleased by preparing a surprise for everybody else.


Here, we should learn that you feel more pleased when you give happiness to others.


You can learn more from experience and learn more when you enjoy the journey


Helen Keller said that she played a game of guessing which taught her more about the use of language than any set of lessons could have done.


Here, we should learn that when you enjoy anything, the probability of learning increases and when you enjoy things, you learn a lot from them. So, we should enjoy the journey.


Ignorance can cost a lot


Helen Keller was having a pet and Miss Sullivan taught her to take all care of her pet and she did the same but one day, age left the cage of her pet on the window seat while she went to fetch water for his bath. Later when she returned back, she observed that her pet was no more and a big act brushed past her.


Here, we need to understand that we have to take care of our pet or anything with due care and any act of carelessness or ignorance can cost a lot.

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