Things which can help you to lose weight at home without being super active

We can’t feel the same way about everything. Sometimes, we feel energetic and want to do anything for this body and there are some times when you don’t feel like doing anything. You don’t want to go to the gym or do any short things. And this is when you have to show self discipline because you know time is flying never to return. But you can remain kind towards yourself and do the least to remain healthy and even lose weight.


Cook at home


You can eat junk food but cook it at home and eat it wisely. Why am I saying this? The reason behind this is you prepare the food with hygiene and you can put in less oil which obviously does not make your food less tasty. You can satisfy your craving without regret.


You need to Love yourself


Now, most probably you would be thinking about how loving yourself can help you in losing weight?

There are many instances when you can see that you don’t eat because you are hungry, you eat because of your emotions. When you feel happy you treat yourself, when you feel sad or depressed, then also you eat or overeat. Many times, you affect your own body because you lack self love. When you love yourself, you focus on things which are good for your body.


Try to avoid sitting down


It’s okay if you can’t go to the gym or can’t do intense exercise. But you should remain active, not necessarily super active. One simple thing you can do is avoid sitting down. If you can do the work while moving, then do it. For instance – walk when you can talk on call, or if you are watching something on phone then avoid sitting on bed rather stand and watch.


Exercise on bed


Many times we don’t feel like doing exercises, but you can simply do stretching or yoga or exercise on bed which will help you shed weight along with comfort.

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