One solution to many problem – Talk to yourself

Life is full of challenges, challenges which can make you or break you based on how you see the challenges. But how do you see your problems? Are you going to pray? Or buy or what are you going to do to get a perspective through which you can see challenges as an opportunity to grow and develop your personality?

The solution to this problem is talking to yourself because this is going to give you power to do things which others can’t do for you. No matter how good the person is, they aren’t going to solve all our problems from the root level. You need to work on it.

But there are many people who aren’t able to sit alone, so how are they going to talk to themselves?


Take small step


You need not to just jump to one point directly. First you need to take small steps like going for a walk alone and without having any distractions or people. The walk need not be for an hour. Just a smaller one. But you need to be consistent. Don’t be harsh on yourself.


No technology zone


Whenever you are with yourself try not to use any technology. No matter whether you are using it or not, it can distract you with notifications. So, initially you should avoid using phones, laptop and avoid taking them with you during your time.

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