One more death due to economic crisis in Srilanka

Recently a 63 year old truck driver was found dead in Srilanka due to prolonged waiting at fuel stations amid the economic crisis. The economic crisis in Srilanka has affected the people at large and that is the reason why the country’s economy matters a lot. Many don’t even care about the economy or they show least interest in it. But the economic crisis in Srilanka is one such example which needs to be taken into notice.

This is not the first time that a person lost his life due to prolonged waiting for fuel. This is the 10th such death and we don’t know what else we are going to witness.

But one thing is pretty sure that we can do things at our own level that can be beneficial for the country. And we need to learn from this example because we are going to suffer if we neglect the development of the nation at large.

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