Morality has gone down so much that people are making fake claims for compensation for Covid deaths

Justice M. R Shah said “We never expected anybody to go to such an extent… has morality gone down so much that there will be fake claims made for this ( compensation for Covid deaths) too?

Covid 19 outbreak slowed down the growth of the economy and also became the reason for deaths. Many children became orphans. The targeted groups were 30+ age groups or the one already suffering from disease or weak immunity.

No one can understand the pain of a person who lost his parents, child or family members because they not only see them taking their last breath but also unable to do the rituals.

Most of them were treated as untouchables. Many didn’t get the chance to see or touch their loved ones for the last time. They were unable to stand with their loved ones at the time of need.

What would be more painful than this? You see them dying because of lack of medical facilities, oxygen and various other reasons. Can you imagine the mental conditions? Many were the only bread earners of the family. Now, imagine how they will manage their rest of life. What about those orphan children?

That was the reason why the court ordered ex gratia to be given to those who lost their parents or family members due to Covid 19. ₹50,000 compensation per person should be given. But there are many miscreants who are making false claims for getting compensation and the Supreme Court is concerned over fake Covid claims because it clearly depicts morality.

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