Life is beautiful if you are willing to change

Life is one of the most beautiful things, especially when we are born as a human because we get power to analyse what is right and what is wrong and the only one who can utilise life in the best possible way. But do we actually utilise life?

Life is beautiful the way it is then why many among us commit suicide and many aren’t happy with their life?

Most of the people feel depressed once in their life and they also make hell out of their life. But what would be the reason behind this? One of the reason is you don’t accept life the way it is.


We don’t accept the changes. Some people are so rigid that they want the same cup of tea, the same bed to sleep on, and so on. They need the same thing, so how can you expect them to cherish changes? Is it possible? But the nature of life is to change. The only thing which remains constant is change. But you aren’t ready to change and want life to be beautiful. Is it possible?


The answer to the said question is in negative because you can’t live a happy life without embracing changes in your life.

Changes are not easy to accept. Obviously when you change something you feel uncomfortable but then you have to tell yourself to enjoy being uncomfortable and soon you will realise that you are comfortable with the changes.

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