Why should you know the historical background of constitutional law?

The constitution of India came into force on twenty sixth January 1950. The day was also known as red letter day. Before we delve further let’s understand the definition of Constitutional Law as mentioned in the book constitutional law of India by Dr. J. N. Pandey as “Constitutional Law is a rule which regulates the structure of the principal organs of the Government and their relationship to one another and determine their principal functions.

Now we will understand the need to know the historical background of constitutional law.

According to Jennings, “All constitutions are the heirs of the past as well as the testators of the future.”

Anyone reading any law, need to understand the intention of Legislature behind the act.

You can’t understand it without having knowledge of the historical process. So, you seek to get correct insight and understanding of any subject then you need to delve into the past. But it is not necessary to understand all the events happened in the past. To understand the Constitutional Law, we should know the history of India from British Period which began with incorporation of East India Company in year 1600.

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