What do you understand about Gait Analysis?

Imagine A murder B but there is no evidence available against him except CCTV footage. Do you think A is dumb that he will not aware of CCTV? Obviously not, he was aware that’s why he wears a mask to hide his face. Now, is justice not going to serve? Isn’t it injustice with the deceased and his family?

Is there any solution to this problem? Yes, the Gait Analysis report is going to help. Now, the question is what is giant analysis and how is this going to help in investigation?


Gait Analysis is the process by which a person is recognised by conduct or his manner of walking. Usually his manner of walking is compared with CCTV footage of the accused. The Gait Analysis report is provided by the Directorate of Forensic Science Laboratory (DFSL), Mumbai which was established in 1958.

Recently, a 45 years old man was punishable with death for raping and murdering a 32 years old women in Sakinaka. In this case, the court for the first time relied on the ‘Gait Analysis’ report produced by the police.

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