What do you understand about Criminal Intimidation?

Chapter XXII of IPC- “Of Criminal Intimidation, Insult and Annoyance” deals with Criminal Intimidation. According to S-503 0f IPC- Any person who threatens another person with an injury to him or his reputation or his property or to the person or the reputation of that person in whom he is interested.


The person who threatens another person with the intent to cause alarm to that person or He will cause him to do any act which he is legally bound to do or he will force him to omit to do any act which he is legally entitled to do. So, here the person commits Criminal Intimidation.


Essential requisite


Person threatens another- with any injury to his property,

reputation or property or to person or reputation in whom that person is interested

intend to cause alarm to him

or cause person to do something is not legally bound to do

or cause to omit him from something legally entitled

to do.


For instance- A threats B to withdrawal his name from election else he’ll publish

a post which might cause injury to his reputation. Here, A is guilty of Criminal


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