What are the techniques of ADR?

Why do you prefer Alternative Dispute Resolution over judicial proceedings? So, before we delve into the techniques of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Alternative Dispute Resolution allow the parties to collaborate and allow them to understand each other so that the doctrine of harmonious construction can be applied. Alternative Dispute Resolution also allows the parties to come up with solutions and those solutions are allowed to impose.




Arbitration is one of the important techniques of Alternative Dispute Resolution. It is the process of settlement of disputes where a person or persons or institution body helps in its settlement. It doesn’t engage in litigation.




Mediator is engaged in this process to resolve disputes between the parties. It is an amicable settlement of disputes between the parties.




Conciliation is an informal process where a neutral third party is engaged to resolve the dispute among them by negotiating to the point where both the parties agree and then they form an agreement.


Lok Adalat


The word ‘Lok Adalat’ itself depicts the meaning of the People’s Court. It is a forum where voluntary efforts are made to resolve the dispute between the parties.

Now, in this article, we read why you’ll prefer Alternative Dispute Resolution over Judicial Proceedings and the techniques of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Now, we will know which process is binding on the parties.

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