Things you should know about Labour Code (Minimum Wages Code)

Workers are exploited the most but no action was taken for the last 18 years but now, the Government amalgamated 29 laws into 4 labour codes. In 2002, the Second National Commission of Labour submitted its report and they also recommended codifying multiple Labour laws into 4 or 5 Labour Codes at Central level.

This code will be in force from 1st July, 2022. So, we need to know a few things about the Minimum Wages Code. 4 laws are amalgamated into the wages code.


Due to minimum wages code, workers including organised sector and unorganised sector got right to minimum wages which is achievement in itself.


The code provides wage security, social security and health security to all the workers.

Timely payment is also guaranteed to workers along with the right to minimum wages.


In Randhir Singh v. Union of India, right to equal pay for equal work was formulated but we know the reality. So, this code guarantees equal remuneration to male and female workers.


Floor wage has been introduced which means a minimum limit of wage is to be given to workers. This will help to remove regional disparity and the criteria for such determination is based on skill and geographical area.

The wage ceiling is also increased from Rs. 18,000 to 24,000.

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