Can you work for 4 days and take 3 days rest?

There are more than 50 crore workers working in India and 90% of them are working in the unorganised sector and they are the most exploited section of the society. Due to which, In 2002 Second National Commission of Labour submitted its report and recommended the Government to codify multiple Labour laws in 4 or 5 Labour codes at the Central Level. However, no action was taken for the past 18 years. But now the Government has amalgamated 29 laws into 4 labour codes.

Now, the workers of both the unorganised sector and organised sector are getting right to minimum wages and guaranteed timely payment. Apart from this, they will ensure that both male.and female workers are getting equal remuneration.


Now, the question is – are you going to get 3 holidays and have to work only 4 days?

Before New labour Codes, workers are restricted to work and can work up to 7 to 8 hours.

But now, after July 1, 2022. Workers can work up to 12 hours and if any worker is working up to 12 hours then only he is required to work for 4 days and he will get 3 days of holiday.

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