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Is the whatsapp new privacy policy infringing the right to privacy of a person?

If you know the value of your products, you’ll never let anyone exploit you or underestimate the value of your product. We can say that the same happened with whatsapp. The patent company of Whatsapp is Facebook and now they came with new terms and conditions. They provided two options to the users either they can accept the terms and conditions after which their personal information will be shared with the third party or they can delete the application. A person is required to accept the Whatsapp privacy policy before 8th Feb 21. Almost 70% of Indian population is using whatsapp for their personal or professional work. Even Court and police officers are also using it for their official works. Isn’t it considered as  infringement of right to privacy guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution of India? 

Let’s see what has been changed – 

  • Whatsapp can trace your location and if your location service is off then it can collect IP address for tracking your location
  • It can also share harddisk information with third party and Facebook
  • It can trace how you are making payments to and how much payment has been made. It can be said that Whatsapp is having information regarding UPI bank transactions
  • It assured that it will not see any messages but it will observe with whom you have talked the most, on which groups a person is active and their whatsapp status. 
  • It can also get the access of pictures, what phone a person uses and their likes and dislikes. 

However, Whatsapp gave reasoning for the new privacy policy – 

  • They argued that the notification of new privacy policy has been given a month before so that people can choose wisely. And changes in privacy is common in this technology industry.
  • They came with this privacy just to help the small businessman by sharing likes and dislikes of users. 
  • Protecting the information is still in their DNA and they are sharing information with Facebook to protect them. 

So, a person have to choose wisely whether they think Whatsapp new privacy policy is infringing their privacy and delete Whatsapp or accept the new policy.