Is the death outcome of protesting against illegal mining?

Natural resources are not only exploited by illegal mining but also human resources are exploited. The State with large no. of resources is still a poor state. What does it depict? For instance – Jharkhand is rich in minerals but it is still a poor state.

In India mica mining is illegal but it is still exported all over the world and is used for makeup and various other commodities.


How is it possible that something is not allowed but still exported?

Even the worst part is children are often employed to work in such an area and the workers didn’t get enough to fulfil all their daily needs.


That’s why many activists stand against illegal mining but the mining mafia often do things which are blood cuddling. You won’t be able to visit the mining area due to the mining mafia.


Recently, a seer named Vijay Das stood against the illegal stone mining and due to which succumbed to death. He was immolated because he protested against the illegal mining.

Vijay Das wasn’t the only one who became victim of such activities which exploited the ecology. Mining mafia are so powerful and fearless that they can do anything to run their illegal mining.

What is a person supposed to do? Or anything else need to be done on ground level and not only on paper and pen.

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