Is it okay to fail?

Many times we want to achieve a lot in life but end up with nothing. There are instances when we want to achieve our goal but fail due to frustration. You wanna know the reason? It is obvious when you are trying to do something but fails to achieve then all you have is frustration which can become your major reason behind your anxiety, depression and many time people commit suicide because they weren’t able to stand as per their own expectations.


But why do we act in such a manner?

You try something and give your best but are unable to get the desired result. So, here we need to understand our mistakes and try again with the same energy and determination. You made a mistake and so, no need to call it a failure.

Even if you are a failure, why make such words negative?


You can’t get a rose and leave the throne. We have to face success and failure in our life but need to remain unaffected by them.

It is too difficult to accept your mistake, learn from them and move on, without making any mess or taking any stress?

No, it isn’t. All you need to do is change your perspective and see them as your mistake and an opportunity to learn from.

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