Is it okay to break the norms of society?

We live in a society where we are expected to follow some norms laid down by kinsmen or ancestors or any other people. But they aren’t law. So, are we expected to follow the norms and is it okay to break the norms of the society? Many times we get information about honour killing which is because their child breaks the norms of the society. And here, breaking the norms cost them their life.

It’s pretty normal that we live in a society and we should follow the norms. Follow those norms which are for benefits.


However, there are many norms, customs and usage which are outdated and need to be changed but in reality something else happens?

We are too rigid to change. It’s human tendency that we resist changes. We want things to go the way it is going on. Because we want to be in our comfort zone.

But those who want changes are becoming victims or considered as miscreants because they want change. However, we should appreciate those who are changing. Because change is the constant thing in this temporary world.


For instance – Sati Paratha which was prevailing in our Hindu Culture which was against the right of women. Initially the intention of sati pratha was totally different and women were willingly performing such acts. But with the passage of time, it became updated and was against human rights. Raja Ram Mohan Roy took a step and now, no one follows sati pratha.

During that time, many people would be opposing it and many would be in favour of such practices. But at last, the interest of the public at large was considered.


In the same way, if any norms, usage or custom is creating hurdles or violating your rights then one can break the norms of the society. But we need to understand that if it is for our benefits then we should accept it with all our heart.

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