Is it fair to blame who committed suicide?

From the past few years, I have noticed that no. of people committing suicide has been drastically increased. I am not talking about the data but my own observation and the loss of loved ones.

Recently I witnessed my friend succumb to death because she felt alone and was unable to express herself. To be honest, we all face such a situation in our life at some point. We tik feel depressed but we keep moving because we see people standing with us to help or keep trying until we move out of depression or that situation but those who give you commits suicide.

But is it their mistake? We people have a tendency to blame others. Either we will blame the person or any situation but why don’t we admit that we are somehow also responsible.

Now the question is how are we also responsible?

We don’t try to understand other situations, we are so indulged in our life that we pretend to ignore rather than showing love to them. We often make fun of people who remain sad or generally we don’t care when people try to express themselves through social media instead we advise them to not express.

After ignoring every short of things, when they have committed suicide, we keep blaming them or any situation and then we repeat the same mistake. All we age is ‘regret’

So, what can we do instead of blaming?

We can show some sympathy towards people and stop ignoring and loving more.

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