India is planning to export grains

India is a country who stands with people in need. We have learnt from our part that depicts a human should show love and kindness to people around them. That is the reason why India sent a gift to Afghanistan, helping Srilanka, Nepal and many other countries. But now, India is planning to export grains, especially wheat. Russia is the largest exporter of wheat but due to war, many countries are not able to get wheat. India is the second largest wheat growing country after China but India exports less than 1% of wheat to other countries. Now, they are planning to keep countries at large by exporting grain and not exporting guns like America. Many countries are showing their readiness to import wheat from India including Nigeria, Turkey, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Yemen. Egypt is taking this into consideration.

India grew 10.70 crore milli tons but exported less than 1%. However, now planning to export 170 lakh milli tons of wheat.

If we delve into the data, China grows 13,69,46,000, India – 10,95,86,000, Russia – 7,51,58,000, Australia – 3,63,00,000.

However, Russia exported 31,783.2 thousand ton, America – 27,068.6, Canada – 22,805.3, Ukraine – 13,290.5, France – 19,957 thousand ton.

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