In Kerala, Minister staffs get pension for life after two years of service

Recently, Senior Advocate V. Giri filed a petition on behalf of Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) challenging the high fuel price as it was affecting public transport especially the price of diesel.

During the hearing, Justice S. Abdul Nazeer said the Senior Advocate V. Giri, “At Least 20 persons are appointed for ministers ( as personal staff) for two years and then get pension for full file…. Please tell us why?”

The fact was also raised that Ministers usually appoint certain people including party functionaries as their personal staff. So, basically, they practice favoritism.

Kerala is the only state where minimum 20 staff are appointed which clearly depicts the wastage of the money because those appointed people get handsome salary and pension for full life. Their appointments are usually because of favoritisma which is against equality.

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