Importance of silence for a good relationship

Are you comfortable with silence? Most of us aren’t comfortable with silence and how we are expecting ourselves to be calm and manage stress. If you aren’t sitting alone and thinking about life or letting yourself feel the pain and happiness then how can you expect yourself to live life to the fullest.

A life with calmness, happiness isn’t possible without embracing the silence.


Now, let’s take an example. How many of you would like to hold hands and sit silently. It may sound old school because nowadays we aren’t able to embrace silence. But when you will sit silently with your partner then soon you will realise a strong bond where you too can understand each other, you two can feel the emotional bond. A bond which can be shared with people who love each other and not the bond where the person thinks to extract something out of the relationship.


Most of the time we see couples doing fun parts together and one should do that along with spending quality time with each other. There are many who watch movies or eat dinner with friends, go for clubbing and all. And they count it as quality time spent together. But what did you discover about each other? It is pretty good to have fun and enjoy together. But you also need some me time.


As we should spend time alone in silence so that we can have clarity of mind in the same way we should spend time with our partners in silence or atleast taking a little and letting your silence speak.

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