How to stay away from anxiety?

Life doesn’t give you anxiety, happiness, stress or anything. It’s you who make things out of everything. It’s our act (Karma) which often decides what we are going to get in life. No matter how much you mess up with life, if you are alive you have the control to make your life better.

Generally many people observe that they aren’t feeling good after waking up in the morning and they think it happens without any reason. But there is a reason behind everything. You know why you feel sad or anxious or depressed without any reason?

One of the reasons is your diet and your lifestyle. If you aren’t consuming a healthy diet then you can’t expect your body to work properly.




Everyone is different and things work differently for all of us. So, you need not to stick to any point which is working for others, rather you should analyse yourselves and think about why you feel anxious. Is it your thoughts which are causing you trouble or your diet or when you feel anxious and why?


Face it


You can’t solve any problem unless you face it. Many times people aren’t able to face their problem due to which they either accept it or ignore it without solving their problem. But if you want your life to be better than yesterday then you need to face your problem.




You need to have faith in God and faith in yourself that soon you’ll overcome everything which is not letting you move ahead. You are the person who can be your worst enemy and best friend. So, you need to decide whether you can be your best friend or worst enemy.




You become what you think and eat. Food plays a vital role in our life. The right amount of food with the required nutrition can provide you energy and won’t make you feel lethargic. But if you eat junk foods or oily or stale food then soon you’ll observe a negative effect on your body.




Meditation helps your mind to be calm. So, whenever you feel anxious just sit silently and close your eyes and observe your thoughts. You can also focus on your breathing which can also keep you calm.

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