How to remain unaffected by the situation and people around you?

There are many situations in our life when we feel like giving up or people around us try to drain our energy. The one who hasn’t faced such a situation may cry or feel weak but what do they need to do afterwards?

They need to get up again, collect all the pieces and fight like a warrior. You can’t let people or situations win over you. Many times, we let them do it but we need to stand against injustice and not fight against them.

Never let anyone think that you can’t stand against injustice or wrong just because you never did, doesn’t mean you can’t!!

Now what we can do to remain unaffected by the situations and people around you –




When you are calm within, no one has the power to disturb you internally. When you do meditation, you can observe a change in your mindset and you can handle situations in a different and better way without indulging in any useless activities. Meditation is good for physical, mental and emotional well-being.


Take a stand


When you take a stand for ourselves, you can see that people stop nagging. Most of the people don’t know how to utilize their time, they don’t have a purpose in their life. So, they try to pull others. But you need to understand whether you want to be with them or see situations as a benefit to rise.


Don’t tolerate injustice


We should not fight every time because you are also the sufferer. For instance – War between Russia and Ukraine is creating a crisis for both countries. Just the gravity is different. So, we need not to fight but this doesn’t mean you will tolerate injustice. When you stand against injustice, you can observe a different kind of energy within you.


Don’t overthink


Sometimes, we overreact and overthink. When you can solve the issue within a minute, why do you need to keep thinking and wasting your time over trivial things?



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